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Based in Mumbai, I am a prolific Director’s Assistant who has been working for over four years on a wide variety of projects, ranging from documentaries and projection mapping to digital content and advertisements

Equipped with a diverse skillset accumulated by partaking multiple projects, my distinctiveness however lies in my people skills, adept time management skills, and the inherent ability to visualize creatively. 

Jack-of-all-trades with a desire to try everything at least once. I’ve always been an inquisitive learner and have donned hats of different roles in a film crew. Inspired by ‘new form’ media, I am always looking for new stories to tell and new ways to tell stories. Always eager to learn skills from anyone, anytime!

A cup of masala chai and some music keeps me fresh and makes me passionate about my work. When not working, you can find me either traveling, living my Goan life, or visiting art galleries.

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