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Pondicherry / Places To Eat

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The Coromandel Cafe, Pondicherry

A city where every little corner is eye-pleasing.

Where to Eat

Pondicherry. Is. Heaven. For. Food. Lovers.

It’s the one place where you not only bar hop but hop with happiness in general. It’s literally as if the best chefs and decor experts decided to come together and start a city of the perfect places to eat.

There is a cafe at every 500 meters and every cafe/restaurant is unique in its way. This city somewhat (for 5 days) converted me from chai person to a coffee one because I just could not resist myself from sipping coffee with their perfect decor, lighting, and food! Try avoiding Zomato, It made me damn confused since I was so spoilt for choice.

So out of all the places I visited, here are my favourites:

Bay of Buddha: If you are looking for a rooftop Asian cuisine place, this is a place you should visit.


Being someone who is involved in making sets for commercials, Coromandel lets you sip coffee in the movie-like setup. Also, the food is really good too. Don’t leave without having the chocolate banana pancake.

Le Dupleix: Everyone who loves seafood but lives in expensive cities- eat your heart out here. Lobster is comparatively cheaper and full of taste.I went all gaga eating it. So much that I forgot to capture all the other dishes I ate after it.

PY Cafe: This is a pastel themed cafe - I have a feeling someone created this cafe keeping me in mind. The colours, decor, posters on the wall and even the letterbox! How can every so perfectly fit my taste?

Pamplona Bistro-Cafe & Boutique: I love this place because it is forever ready for Christmas.

Cafe Xtasi: This is a No-frills pizza place turning out veggie- & meat-topped pies straight from a wood-fired oven.

Eat My Cake: The name itself is a full-fledged motivation to enter this place. For a sweet tooth individual, this name is music to ears.

Earth Cafe: Budget travellers who can’t stay at Palais de Mahe, Earth cafe can give you a glimpse of the gorgeous hotel. I came here often for a cup of coffee and swim.

My favourite part about Pondicherry is how close all the places are. I spent days hopping from one bar/restaurent to another and hope you do the same!

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